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Sign of Gardens Lanes bowling alley lives on

The Garden Lanes bowling alley in Palm Beach Gardens was located at 3167-3169 Northlake Blvd. The popular entertainment venue existed from the early days of Palm Beach Gardens until it's demolition in the mid 1990s to make way for a Pep Boys automotive store and Applebee's restaurant. 

The Historical Society would like to acknowledge Jesse Furman, owner of Kelsey Vintage Goods in Lake Park, for donating the original orange "Garden Lanes" lettering along with other memorabilia to the Palm Beach Gardens Historical Society.

The mission of Kelsey Vintage Goods is to provide a retail resource for collectors searching for unique items to enhance their collection, and for shoppers to find items that inspire and stir emotional connections of days gone by.

For anyone interested in local history and collector's items, we encourage you to visit the store's website, Kelsey Vintage Goods, along with the store front at 748 Park Ave., Lake Park Florida, 33403, to check out the rare and unique items available for purchase. 

— Ryan Darling

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